Ottomans Rugby – Lions Rugby [18.04.2010]

Ottomans’ın ev sahipliği yaptığı maç İstanbul Kurtköy Erdoğan Demirören stadında 13:00’da başladı.  Maçta Lions rugby kulübü oyuncularının agresif tavırları dikkat çekti. Lions Rugby Takımı maçın bitimine beş dakika kala sahayı terk ederek izleyenleri ve Ottomans takımını şaşırttı.

Karşılaşma sonucu:

Ottomans 53 – Lions 0

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  • Nisan 21, 2010 tarihinde, saat 07:31

    I would like to know more about Turkish Rugby.
    Since when is rugby played in Turkie? Is it Rugby League or Rugby Union?
    Any international game already played?
    Thanks in advance

  • Nisan 21, 2010 tarihinde, saat 09:47

    We are playing rugby union since 1999, have several teams in various cities. Ottomans Rugby Club (Istanbul) and the Pumas Rugby Club(Cyprus) , they have organized several international friendly match. Thank you for your interest, we would be pleased to welcome you in Turkey. Fira and the IRB has not yet approved our membership. There are multiple sports in our federation If rugby federation is established, IRB and the FIRA would launch operations for our membership.

  • Nisan 21, 2010 tarihinde, saat 10:14

    I’m a former NZ rugby journalist living in Istanbul. I have a reasonable level of Turkish. If you need help with publicity, translations, etc, let me know.
    How far away is Turkey from applying for inclusion in FIRA 3D competition? Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Greece all compete in FIRA 3rd division competitions.
    Who do Northern Cypriats play for – Turkey or Cyprus?
    How about a regional club comp with Cyprus, Greece, Armenia and Azerbaijan?
    Have you thought of inviting a couple of Super 14 teams to Istanbul for an exhibition match – say ANZAC DAY?

  • Nisan 27, 2010 tarihinde, saat 16:11

    Manuel, thank you for your interest in Turkish rugby. As the admin explained above, we still have quite a bit of work to do to put Turkish rugby on the circuit. Wingman, thank you very much for offering help with publicity. If you’re based in Istanbul, why don’t you stop by our field for practice or at the pub for a drink. Please see for directions to our field. We would very much like to have you over and discuss possibilities of working together. We can also fill you in on what’s really going on in terms of rugby.

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